Kettle Corn New Music is about sharing music with friends. During our college years, we often played our favorite music for one another, sitting in our dorm rooms, passing around a big bag of kettle corn. We frequently found these listening sessions to be a rewarding alternative to more formal, traditional concerts, and we want to bring this experience to a public forum.

We feel passionately that contemporary classical music of the highest quality can be shared in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We go to movies to enjoy ourselves, even when our minds are challenged and stimulated. In the same way, Kettle Corn New Music presents music drawn from a broad range of styles and aesthetic backgrounds in an atmosphere where it can be heard as both entertaining and thought-provoking. Kettle Corn New Music isn't about a particular style or a group of composers. Rather, it's an approach to listening that embraces music as both art and entertainment.